Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time Goes By...

Haven't been on this for some time now and I fell bad about it. Summer is about to get busy but I'm gonna try and get back into this. God has been doing amazing things with us as a family and me personally. I'm constantly reminded how awesome God is and of his desire's for us individually and as a community. What am I learning from others and what are others learning from me? Forget about who is my neighbour, I think the real question is to whom am I a neighbour! Ru and I have been talking about how we love what God has been doing with us and we've a real contentment about where we are and how are life is going. At the same time we want more! I think its a Holy Discontent. I was talking to a friend awhile ago about how people rob so many things from us that breaks God's heart, and God want's to give back what the locusts have taken. I believe, and have experienced this in so many ways over the last while.

We are eating and being satisfied...but we want more!

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